14T Capacity Excavators for hire

Komatsu PC138US (14T Capacity) Zero Swing Hydraulic Excavator for Hire Sydney’

14T Capacity Excavators for hire Overview

Earth Moving Hire Australia, provides a specialised fleet of powerful late model excavators for hire fully equipped with hydraulic quick hitches and a wide range of attachments suitable for a broad range of excavating and earth moving hire projects.

If your application is an urban environment or tighter than normal; the ‘US’ model units offer a larger operational envelope whilst maintaining stability and lifting capability. It is an integrated design which now includes a host of standard factory installed items, such as: Large ROPS Cabin, Emergency Stops, Quick Hitch and Attachment Piping to name a few! This holistic approach means piece of mind and compliance with industry and customer expectations; additionally, it ensures a quiet environment for the operator.

14T Capacity Excavators for hire Specifications

  • Engine Make & Model: Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5
  • Gross Power: 72.1kW
  • Number of Cylinders: 4
  • Fuel Capacity: 195L
  • Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity: 69L
  • Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure: 5,050 psi
  • MAX Travel Speed: 5.1Km/h
  • Max Digging Depth: 5,480mm
  • Max Reach Along Ground: 9,700mm
  • Max Cutting Height: 9,340mm
  • Max Loading Height: 6,840mm
  • Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth: 4,900mm

Dimensions and Operating Weight of 14T Capacity Excavators for hire

  • Width to Outside of Tracks: 2,490mm
  • Height to Top of Cab: 2,815mm
  • Counterweight Clearance: 900mm
  • Tail Swing Radius: 1,480mm
  • Length of Track on Ground: 2,880mm
  • Operating Weight: 13,480Kg

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