Clearing and filling a construction site using site dumpers

Selection of a site dumper is an important part of ensuring safe performance of the tasks these machines are to undertake. The site managers should consider the following during the site dumper hire process:

·         Capacity and size – if you choose a small dumper, it will likely be overloaded, increasing the likelihood of overturning. One that is too big will be harder to safely control in the site and/or not provide a good line of vision for the driver.

·         Stability – use your tipper truck hire service provider to select a dumper that remains stable in all conditions. Assess the stability of high-lift or narrow-track dumper carefully before hiring. If the ground is poor or steep, consider using a tracked dumper or other stable alternatives.

Protecting the driver

You must ensure that the driver has protection from all risks related to dumper handling, such as overturning or falling debris. In the process of your dump truck hire, ensure the following before renting:

·         Seat restraints and rollover protective structures (ROPS) are in place into the dumper if the operator is to remain seated. Ensure the operator has training on correct use of both the restraints and ROPS system. Instead of attempting to jump, they are safer remaining in the area protected by the ROPS restrained on their seats.

·         If the dumper will be frequently passing through a gateway or similar entrance, there should be a mechanism to fold down the ROPS system to enable passage, but thus should go back to its normal position as soon as possible after passage to ensure the driver is not at any risk.

Maintenance management

After mini dump truck hire and while on site, the team in charge of heavy machinery should ensure the following:

·         All hired dumpers are safe to operate and properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

·         Regular vehicle checks and maintenance should take place before every excursion as well as according to manufacturer’s instructions.

·         A working effective system of reporting is in place, with appropriate response mechanisms for reported defects.

·         Maintenance of a log to record maintenance activities, machine inspections, defects as well as subsequent repairs.

Selecting a driver

Many accidents related to dumpers are because of inexperienced or untrained operators handling the machines following tipper truck hire Sydney. You can help prevent such incidents by:

·         Only handing over dumper keys to qualified, vetted and authorized drivers, who you should direct to have the keys in the possession at all times until handing over back to the manager.

·         Instructing the driver to always turn off the vehicle and take the key with him should he need to leave.

In addition to these, have a proper vetting procedure to determine driver competence. You can check certificates of training as well as testing knowledge and ability in oral examinations prior to carrying out practical testing. Check the training certificates for validity. Finally, ensure the driver has training in safety procedures relating to all tasks he will be performing.