Wyong Council

Wyong Council Project: Construction of Toe Drainage Structure, Slope Stabilisation, Cabbage Tree Point, Cabbage Tree Harbour, Wyong, NSW

Earthmoving Hire Australia supplied Wyong Shire Council with earthmoving equipment including two (2) 9 Tonne capacity articulated mini swivel dump trucks and one (1) 6 Tonne capacity articulated mini swivel dump truck for a duration of approximately 6 months.

img-Wyong -CouncilThe project involved reshaping and reconstruction of the toe drainage batter along Cabbage Tree Point Harbour Foreshore to reduce the likelihood of future occurrences of catastrophic landslides.

The dump trucks were considered ideal for minimising impact along the beach foreshore during the reconstruction works due to light loads on soft sand and difficult access work area. The dump trucks were used to remove unusable waste materials and supply construction materials to the area including sand, gravel and boulders used in the restoration process by Wyong Council.